Opening Thursday 25-11 19:00
Open 26/27-11 15:00 – 19:00


Eady van Acker
Maud van den Beuken
David Jablonowski
Ruben Mols
Tom Putman
Christy Westhovens


By using digital equipment such as smart-phones we are able to circumvent the limitations of our body. Technology allows us to always be connected with each other and the world around us. Desired information is summoned within milliseconds, friends and family are just a button away. This however is not without obligation for incorporating technology into everyday life is an interaction, the equipment is also using its user.

Digital behavior is analyzed, sold and used by online marketeers to target advertising. Algorithmically selected digital-diets influence the lens through which we perceive the world. Cognitively we outsource our memory by off-loading our social, work-related and everyday practical organization onto our equipment. We no longer store the information ‘in’ our biological memory, but carry it ‘on’ our equipment acting as digital brains.
While manifesting ourselves through different networks of communications and digital-structures we get more extended than ever, existing in both physical and digital domains through which we alternate during the day.

THAT OTHER YOU explores this entangled human-tech relationship by making networks of communication visible. It tries to describe what it’s like to expand yourself in said networks and structures, questioning the liquid state of being in between.

Curated by Ruben Mols


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